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Future Nature

In partnership with the Australian Museum, Future Nature explores possible futures posed by artists, designers and architects inspired by biology and the natural world.

From 27 August to 16 October at the Australian Design Centre, Future Nature will map the places where art, science, and design collide.


Inspired by the Australian Museum’s living collection, Future Nature is an exploration of the roots of scientific curiosity, collection, and exploration – taking things apart, examining them, and reforming them anew through scientific enquiry.

Instead of displaying curious objects to inspire wonder, the process of inspiration is what’s on display – acts of creativity from 10 selected artists that use the natural world to increase our understanding of the world and our place within it.

Each of the 10 exhibiting artists will have their work displayed in their own custom-designed display – a modern reimagining of the Cabinet of Curiosity. Visitors are encouraged to explore each Cabinet, opening shutters and rummaging through drawers, to explore the personal  ‘collection’ assembled by each of the designers.

In the lead up to Future Nature, two designers-in-residence working and creating in the new Australian Design Centre from May 26. Designers and illustrators Egg Picnic and emerging architect Justin Cawley are exposing their creative process as they design for the exhibition.

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Start: August 27, 2015
End: October 16, 2015
Venue: Australian Design Centre
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101 - 115 William Street, Darlinghurst, Australia


After a decade of working alongside each other, the creative duo behind design studio have combined their artistic talents to produce #existagain. A collection of new works on canvas feature fantastical hyper creatures with origins in myth and legend.

Lee Picot and Lachlan Young (aka dirtfish and thirty60) have spent years cultivating their own spin on street art. Under the dirtfish banner, Picot’s bold graphic imagery and liberal use of layers of paint result in striking textured works on canvas. In contrast, Young’s precise thirty60 stencil technique uses inks rather than aerosols, producing highly detailed artwork with the delicacy of watercolour.

“When we started, we always intended to collaborate on artistic projects,” Young says, “but client work has a way of taking priority. The concept for the collection has evolved over time, but a lot of the early ideas are still in present.”

The setting for the exhibition, Harley House Picanteria, itself plays with expectations; a New York style basement bar at the Paris end of Collins Street. Chef Daniel Salcedo has been inspired by the artworks to create a special menu for opening night featuring unexpected pairings of flavours with influences from the last 500 years of Spanish, Japanese, African, Italian and Peruvian cuisines.

For #existagain, Young and Picot have borrowed from their own methodologies and areas of interest to develop a new style of artistic expression. By working closely together at every stage of the project, they hope the final collection appears to be the work of a single artist.

“The way we see it, street art has always been a collaborative endeavour,” Picot says. “Street artists work together in one physical space over a period of time to create work which is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Street art is often preoccupied with interpreting and commenting on the issues of the day. Young and Picot have chosen to look back further at elements of hundred-year-old drawings and etchings that are woven together to create new works that speak to a modern audience.

“As graphic designers, they are both fascinated by the techniques developed by the early adopters of the printing press. The line work and use of black and white has influenced the way they make stencils and one-colour designs. We had to rediscover old techniques to make the illustrations work,” Young says.

#existagain brings together 21st century pop art sensibilities with the iconography of the late 1700’s.

Exhibition Details
Title: #existagain
What: New artworks by Lee Picot (dirtfish) and Lachlan Young (thirty60)
When: Opening night on Thursday 24 September from 6pm to 9pm including food by Daniel Salcedo and drinks by Asahi
Where: Harley House Picanteria, Basement 71 Collins Street, Melbourne (entry via Strachan Lane)

Start: September 24, 2015 6:00 pm
End: November 24, 2015 12:00 am
Venue: Harley House
Harley House Picanteria, Basement 71 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia
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