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Desktop goes deep into visual design culture, with news, events, profiles and projects — from Australia and beyond.

With a strong involvement with the international design community, Desktop provides critical analysis of a variety of related disciplines, including graphic design, digital and interactive, industrial design, illustration, typography, photography, art and film.

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Cover for desktop #301 — Protest and Communication. 'Tony Abbott, constipated' artwork by Mimi Leung

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In This Month's Issue...

Perspective:   A guide to the issues and misunderstandings surrounding cultural appropriation.

Fresh:   Jessica Svensden's post graduate projects from Yale.

Profile:   Mimi Leung's work changed dramatically when she moved from London to the Aussie outback.

Longform:   How the posters by Redback Graphix documented the political strife of Australia in the 1980s and 90s, and remain powerful even today.

Case Study:   Even terror organisations and insurgencies need emotive branding—not to frighten, but to inspire belief.

Feature:   Alejandro Magallanes (Mexico), Ken Tsai Lee (Taiwan) and Saed Meskhi (Iran) — design, culture, identity and social responsibility.

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