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desktop is Australia’s leading publication for visual culture and design. 

Relaunched in 2015, we’re adapting to a climate where the distinction between disciplines is collapsing. desktop exists in the intersection of graphic practices.

With a strong involvement with the international design community, desktop provides critical analysis of a variety of related disciplines, including graphic design, digital and interactive, industrial design, illustration, typography, photography, art and film.

desktop is available by subscription only, both in print and digitally via Zinio and Google Play.

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In This Month's Issue...

CREATE:   Get inspired with all the winning work from the 2015 Create Design Awards.

PROFILE:   How do you crystallise whole stories into a single image? Here's the wit of editorial illustrator Daniel H Gray.

AGDA PRESENTS:   New frontiers and rocks star tours: we go on the road with AGDA and hear from the world's leading designers and thinkers.

FEATURES:   Reflect, celebrate and speculate on design + life with Tin & Ed, Alter and The Hungry Workshop. Featuring original illustrations by Alter.

COVER:   By Tin & Ed.