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Composition No.1

A healthy dose of cynicism and optimism

Bosnian-American industrial designer Amina Horozić has spent the past decade working at every kind of …

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Old masters, inspiration, and time: agIdeas has its 25th outing

Design conferences are strange environments. There’s an explosion of effusive positivity — everyone’s out to …

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God’s Only Mistake: interview with punk artist Wasted Rita

I first came across Wasted Rita’s work a few years ago. It was reblogged by …

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Flavia Cocchi for the agIdeas International Design Forum

Flavia Cocchi is a Swiss designer and educator, and head of Atelier Cocchi in Lausanne, …

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Designing a national identity: Sweden Sans, Norwegian passports, and the Estonian Parliament

Aidan Connolly looks into a trio of government-issued design projects, and at the messages being …

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Whose better world are we designing, anyway?

ARM Architecture recently unveiled its Swanston Square apartment complex: a 31-storey “portrait building” on the …

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