30 Days of Creativity

Published:  June 1, 2011
30 Days of Creativity

Every year 1 June rolls around and all I can think of is winter – that bleak, cold and dark expanse that envelops us for the next three months, or even longer. So I was very excited when I stumbled upon the 30 Days of Creativity site. I felt the hibernation could be put on hold for the next month at least.

30 Days urges people to use their skills to create something each day during the month of June and then upload images of the resulting products for all to see. You can make, innovate, create or design anything and dedicate as little or as much time to your work as possible – the main thing is to let your mind and creativity wander freely. This campaign looks to encourage creativity and interaction both within, and outside of the international design community and posting your work online allows for constant feedback, encouragement and provides foundations for the building of creative networks.

#30daysofcreativity – A How To Guide from 30 Days of Creativity on Vimeo.

American advertising agency Carmichael Lynch launched the initiative in 2010, the concept lending heavily from the ‘One A Day Project’– a campaign that encourages people and bloggers to post or be creative once a day for 365 days. However, Carmichael Lynch were looking to ‘inspire creativity and invention on a tangible timeline”, possibly realising that one month is enough time to form a habit that can carry on for many further months or years, always exposing you to new ideas, people and processes.

As the site states there are many reasons to take part in this initiative, such as to:

“Garner a sense of accomplishment.
 Form a (good) habit.
 Conquer the fear of the unknown.
 Find new friends.
 Solve problems.
 Refine your skills. 
Experiment with something new.
 Defeat the resistance that’s in your head. 
Save $ by being creative. 
Build your portfolio.
 Motivate friends and family to be creative too.
 Exercise the creativity we’re all born with.”

As for me, I’ve got a few ideas rolling around in my mind that I’m going to tease out over the next 30 days, I’m hoping for a light bulb moment to hit or even the epiphany to abandon an unworkabable idea.

Tell me what your pledge for the 30 Days Of Creativity is…

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  1. I already do something like this called Project Daily. Although it is not a 30 day challenge but an ongoing one. It is a character-a-day everyday. – http://projectdaily.tumblr.com

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