Sea Change – Paul Mosig (Racket)

Published:  November 12, 2012
Sea Change – Paul Mosig (Racket)

As part of our Sea Change feature, we spoke to a selection of designers who have migrated for work. First up is Paul Mosig from Racket.

Melbourne > Katoomba

We left Melbourne mostly because of our first son who was one when we bought our house in the mountains. We were working from home, trying to figure out how to be parents and seeing less of our old friends who were still very much out and about. As we weren’t living in share houses anymore, it was also becoming increasingly expensive to live where we were and we wanted less of living near busy roads, more green space and a place we could work on to suit our needs.

We wanted to be somewhere close to a city, on a train line, not too isolated, beautiful and affordable, with good coffee and food and opportunities and care for us and our kids. The mountains have all of that and it is also closer to our families, which is a bonus.

A lot of our friends here are in the same situation as us – people who had been living in the city, often working in creative industries, have young kids and are looking for a different balance in their lives. Everyone here is still ambitious, but with a little less intensity and there is a sense that there is more time for things to unfold. Our work process is quite similar here, because we have always worked from home, but the everyday things have got rid of any extra stress that used to sit on top of that. Walking up the street to the food co-op is just so easy and anytime we want to we can go down the road to the most spectacular views or play in our big garden, so life is pretty sweet.

We’re not sure that the move has made any difference to our work, although we have only been here for the last two years, so that could change. We have always been attracted to mountainous landscapes and the introspective and slightly melancholy quality that surrounds them, so maybe our home has just caught up to our aesthetics. Also, being here and being able to afford this big old rambling house has meant my mum has come to live out the back, which has really helped with managing the kids and work timing. And we have two rooms at the front of the house, one for an office and one for making a mess in, all of which means we have been able to take on more of the work we are offered and have more fun making it.

The first year was a bit hard for us as we didn’t know anyone and we are both pretty shy, but that changed dramatically this year, so I guess don’t freak out if it isn’t everything you imagined immediately.

Thumbnail image: supplied by Racket.

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