agIdeas review – Stuart Campbell

Published:  April 30, 2010
agIdeas review – Stuart Campbell

I was not surprised to learn that Stuart Campbell was born in Tasmania. He’s a little left of centre and appears to be totally in awe of large cities. But I have to hand one thing to him – the guy is freakishly talented.

An interactive designer and illustrator, Campbell is best known for his online futuristic comic book Nawlz; an inspired method of storytelling, encompassing animation, illustration, music and interactivity. His animations and overall illustrating capabilities are amazing. His imagination is endless and without boundaries. Even his outfit screamed artistic brilliance and often misunderstood genius.


Nursing a self-confessed hangover and opening his presentation with a mum joke, Campbell was entertaining from the very beginning. At times I almost mistook him for one of those stand up comedians whose honesty and lack of self-appreciation causes them to be funnier and more endearing to their audience.


In between his comical banter, he managed to stick to the agenda and discuss his body of work with organisations such as the Australian Military and the Australian National Museum. His pilot training programs for the Military were a successful fusion of creative and educational components. His collaborated efforts on a 50 metre interactive scroll exhibited on the Australian National Museum website and documenting two centuries of Chinese migration to Australia was award winning. And his personal project on New York City could best be described as a creative explosion with attitude, incorporating innovative multimedia design with an eclectic soundscape and mind-blowing illustrations.

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3 Responses

  1. Melissa

    A great review of Stuart’s comic banter.

  2. Brie

    i was there and he was mint :)

  3. cherry

    he was amazing to say the least. he definitely stood out (in a good way)
    I don’t agree with the stand up comedian comment though…

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