Art Melbourne 2010 is Go!

Published:  April 23, 2010
Art Melbourne 2010 is Go!

Melbourne’s art lovers and art sellers made their way to the humid confines of the Royal Exhibition Building (remember how this place used to hold raves about 5 years ago?!) last night for the launch of Art Melbourne 2010. Men donned their best suits, ladies threw on their most expensive cocktail frocks, hipsters waxed their moustaches and security tightened their belts, as hundreds stalked the many cubicles of paintings, etchings, photographs, sculptures, found objects, poster prints and more, all hoping to find that elusive piece of art that will ‘really tie the room together’.

Art Melbourne 2010. Photos by Mark Gambino.

Art Melbourne 2010. Photos by Mark Gambino.

Running until 25 April this massive event is not just about exhibiting and selling art, but also features Off The Wall – a presentation of 10 works from the hottest new artists to tear up the mainstream scene. Drawn from hundreds of entries and judged by industry professionals, the artists who make the final cut gain exposure and hopefully representation in a prestigious gallery. While that doesn’t always translate immediately into caviar and coke parties, the kudos should be enough to get that much needed foot in the door for fledgling artists in our culturally saturated environment (let’s face it, EVERYONE’S an artist these days).





Check the website for viewing hours.

Photos by Mark Gambino.

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  1. beppi

    looks ace – ill try to check it out this weekend!

  2. Ewelina

    I wish I could have been there, looks amazing! :)

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