Article: Connecting people, not targeting consumers

Published:  June 3, 2013
Lisa Rowlinson
Article: Connecting people, not targeting consumers

Digital brand marketing is now a standard but employing it with creative engagement, is another matter entirely. Lisa Rowlinson, Account Director, Hulsbosch – Communication by Design, explains how account management’s understanding of this space leads to brand opportunities for clients.

Design and technology is a hot topic, specifically design work within digital spaces. The emergence of new mobile and computing platforms has not only created hybrid spaces socially but has challenged and developed new creative thinking about design. 

The nature of the tech landscape has changed. You don’t have to pay for software anymore – open sourced software is used; you don’t have to buy hardware anymore – you host it in a cloud; you don’t even have to have operations people. Twitter and Facebook have changed the way organisations manage customer relations and have given brands a new level of access to their customers in a very targeted way. Today, geek is associated with marketing savvy; we all want to be one.

Smartphones live in everybody’s pockets and are being used to listen, watch, purchase, inform, read, socialise, research, sell, inspire and more. The market is being transformed as brands leverage the mobility and interactivity of technology to tell their story and nurture consumer relationships. The way we respond to brands has shifted from being static to active, directly impacting consumer behaviour, as we seek convenient, engaging, enriching and valuable interactions with the brands in our lives, both online and offline.
The fastest growing sector in the digital world is the mobile app. Super bright, creative people globally are developing this space creating functional, fun and relevant solutions to every day problems. Take the explosion of apps for senior citizens, safety, education, gaming – you name it you can find an app for every brief. Some are visually more enticing than others but the point is that digital is offering brands a new way of talking to consumers that benefits both parties. Offering functionality and usability is a relationship clincher. Give your consumers something useful and relevant to their lives and they’ll hang around. Make it look good and you won’t be dumped for a younger prettier version.
Account managers in creative agencies armed with a sound understanding of how digital can leverage brands are in a good position to keep client relations sweet.

Replacing the word ‘consumers’ with the word ‘people’ is recognition that we live in a digital world that thrives on interactivity and engagement. Yes, that’s what we do as consumers but ultimately it taps into a basic human need to be connected. If we acknowledge that consumers are people we understand that brand communications will only ever be effective if it conveys, and ultimately delivers, relevance and meaning. How this translates to your client’s brand could very well be up to you.

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  1. Really enjoyed this article Lisa. We are certainly seeing a major increase in both a) the number of consumers seeking brand design solutions that extend out to the mobile sphere and b) their ability to recognise the need for these solutions to be meaningful and carefully realised.

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