AWARD School Q+A: Melbourne’s top graduate

Published:  September 7, 2011
Alison Copley
AWARD School Q+A: Melbourne’s top graduate

It’s been around for 27 years and is still going strong. I’m talking about AWARD School, the dedicated copywriting/art directing course which is run by the Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association.

Each year a bunch of industry heavyweights give their time to spend an evening helping students with the given briefs, and 2011 has already seen the likes of Clemenger, JWT Melbourne, Leo Burnett , 303, M&C Saatchi, Moon Group, Saatchi & Saatchi helping out. The course is run throughout the country, but we managed to catch up with Melbourne’s recently awarded ‘top student’, Jesse McCormack, to find out a little more about it all.

A Mighty Beard, Ink/Photoshop, 2009.

Firstly, a little bit about you?
Well I don’t have a background in advertising. I studied film, and still hope to crack into that at some point in the future – last year I directed a music video and this year a short promotion for Element. My earliest forays into creativity were through drawing, and I have picked up some work as an illustrator and designer in the past. Only after doing an internship at an advertising agency this year did I consider that working as an art director might be a stimulating way to earn a wage and be creative across a range of mediums.

What drew you to AWARD School?
I was told about AWARD School by a creative director at an agency I was doing an internship at earlier this year. In the midst of a post-uni, post-travel slump, AWARD school seemed like a good way to make headway into some kind of creative career. Also, my dad agreed to pay for it.


A Brave, Pencil, 2009

What were the highlights of the program for you? (work, lecturers etc)
It was most interesting to hear about the various ways the guest creatives would go about coming up with ideas. Whether it was by writing lists or mind maps or whatever, it was really impressed upon me that idea-generation is mostly a numbers game; come up with as many ideas as possible and learn to recognise the good ones.

What’s next? What do you plan to do now that you’ve graduated?
Indulge me, but I hope to find a day job that allows me to be as creative as possible, and that is, dare I say it… fun.

To find out more about Jesse, head to his site. To find out more about AWARD school, head here.

The Brute Squad, Pen/Photoshop, 2009

All images copyright Jesse McCormack.
Thumbnail image: SmallRoom Poster-zine, Ink/Photoshop, 2010

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