Beyond your own city

Published:  July 14, 2010
Beyond your own city

I came across an interesting quote from J Mays, Ford’s chief creative officer in an interview he did with Esquire magazine:

A designer is only as good as what he or she knows. If all you know is what you’ve garnered from fifteen years of living in Detroit, it’s going to limit what you can lay down. If you’ve had experiences around the world, you’ll be able to design a much richer story for people to enjoy.

In other words, get out there and travel – experience life beyond the borders of your own city and open up your eyes to other cultures. This piece of advice I believe not only applies to designers but to everyone. And thanks to an invitation from Desktop, I’d like to quickly share a few photos from a recent trip I took around Asia. Enjoy.


all images copyright me

An old house in the small town of Sanshui.

Giant bronze Guanyin statue at Mt. Xiqiao. Image copyright me.

Giant bronze Guanyin statue at Mt. Xiqiao.


All images copyright me.

Indoor Japanese hot spring bath.

All images copyright me.

Jozankei hots springs in Hokkaido.


Contrast between old and new in Macau. All images copyright me.

Contrast between old and new in Macau.

Main image (Susukino, Sapporo, Japan at night)
Quote at the beginning of post taken from Esquire’s interview with J Mays
All images copyright me.

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  1. DW

    Love love love the second pic – China. Reminds me of Fitzroy/Collingwood area (L)

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