Capital P for perfection

Published:  April 26, 2012
Clinton Duncan
Capital P for perfection

What a great site – I’m a sucker for innovative websites, but when combined with its own twitter account which acts as the CMS – yes you heard right, this site uses twitter as its content management system – then you’ve got a recipe for unstoppable awesomeness. Mix in a touch of ‘no grid is the best grid’ with some snazzy HTML5 animations and I don’t care what you’re selling, I’m buying.

From what I can deduce through my haze of design techy geeky euphoria, Capital P is a side project of The Letter D (I see what they did there), producing posters, prints, ‘zines, publications and even tea towels (!!!) on things like art, architecture and other visual goodness. Can you tell this site, its design and its content, pushes all my buttons?

The Dishes - tea towel. Available on Capital P

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