Circa Nocturna 2010

Published:  March 9, 2010
Circa Nocturna 2010

Circa Nocturna is Australia’s leading alternative fashion and design showcase. It brings alternative fashion to the world of high fashion as a participant in the 2010 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Having attended the past two Circa Nocturna events in 2009 and 2008, I was eagerly awaiting for this year’s gala to arrive and this time, shooting in an official capacity. The past couple of years I have only been in the audience with my camera and have had to deal with restricted views. Granted, this made it hard to get a decent shot.


This year, I was granted an official pass and boy was it a ton of fun shooting at this amazing event.

Held annually at the gorgeous Fitzroy Town Hall, resplendent in all its gothic charm and glory it proved to be very difficult to get additional tickets to the event as it had sold out. I was so bummed out about this as I couldn’t get a ticket for my girlfriend and I felt guilty as hell going to the event and having to leave her home. It wasn’t the same without her but alas, the show must go on.


Having survived the tremendous storms that hit Melbourne this afternoon – an ominous, sinister mood had enveloped this city and kinda an appropriate setting for tonight’s event where all the creatures of the night come out to play.

All romantic gothic notions aside, it was going to be quite a trek to get to the other side of town in one piece.

A sea of black leather, spandex, latex, and rubber was ascending up the stairs of the Fitzroy Town Hall and I automatically felt at home! As promised, I found my photopass awaiting me as I arrived and was politely escorted to the photographer’s section at the foot of the catwalk.


I positioned myself amongst my fellow photogs and used the time before the show to get acclimatised with the venue and the somewhat, sombre, dim lighting.

I think I was the only shooter there who shot without a flash (can’t stand using flash at the best of times) – but I set my camera up to use as much of the light available as I could. I prefer the rich, warm tones and color of non-flash shooting and I was pretty pleased with tonight’s results.

All in all, a magnificent night and one that seems to be growing with every passing year.

For the complete Circa Nocturna experience, please visit the Visceral Industry.


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  1. sheena

    is this every year? just in melbourne? can’t believe i missed it, or didn’t know about it. incredible pictures and clothing. i’m just blown away.

  2. Annual event in Melbourne. Always an amazing night.

    View the official website for more info.

    Or you can attend Worn Wild this Saturday. More info here:

  3. Jackson

    This looks amazing, thanks for the post. Hopefully I can check it out next year.

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