Colour Matching Universe

Published:  October 24, 2011
Colour Matching Universe

Wow, Pantone have now managed to swatch everything! Whilst still working on how to engineer the DNA that controls the colour of plants and pets, Pantone Universe have most else covered. They’ve come a long way from swatch books.

Now available in the Pantone Universe Series are fashion accessories, eye wear, home furnishings, electronics, stationery and office products, art and craft pieces, apparel and casual wear, and of course a stay in the Pantone hotel. The humble colour matching system, once only the domain of designers, printers and manufacturers, has now morphed into a must-have for all consumers. Launched in 2005, Pantone Universe is a design-led collection for the home, the workplace and the road. It’s creators claim their products are the ‘ultimate form of self expression’… at least until you find that person who has managed to ‘match’ your chosen swatch.

Christmas Baubles from Seletti

Socks from ASOS

Folding Chairs from Seletti

Bicycles from GIC Bikes

Unfortunately the range cannot be purchased through the Pantone Universe site, however many of the products can be found at online shops and there is a limited range available in some Australian stores. Get matching.

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  1. i like the socks, i like the chairs

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