Design book reviews

Published:  July 13, 2011
Design book reviews

Reviews by Jack Mussett, Motherbird.

I Love Futura
(I Love Type Series Vol 1.0)
Viction:ary, $50
2010, 160 pages
Distributed by Books@Manic

I Love Futura is the first edition in the I Love Type series. This series brings new life and possibilities to typefaces that you may otherwise have stopped using or not seen used to their full potential; in this case Futura. A typeface designed by Paul Renner in 1927, Futura was derived from simple geometric forms. The quality of work in the book is absolutely brilliant and I look forward to more editions of the I Love Type series. I have never used a great deal of Futura, but now it may be time to give it a go.

Dominic Hofstede, Paul Fuog
AGDA, $25 ($20 for AGDA members)
2011, 80 pages

Response is a new publication from the Australian Graphic Design Association that seeks to create a recorded dialogue among the Australian design community. The inaugural issue poses the question –‘What’s next?’ with responses being both written and visual. The selected participants for Issue 1 are all highly regarded thinkers and doers within our community, including Garry Emery, John Warwicker, Fabio Ongarato, Spike Hibberd and Alt Group. The content includes some visually stunning work as well as a beautifully written ‘call to arms’ piece. Response is a brilliant platform for discussion, ideas and even change.

Makeready Readymade
Stuart Geddes
2011, 72 pages, $44

Melbourne publication design guru, Stuart Geddes has put together Makeready Readymade – a collection of make-ready prints. These are sheets of paper that have been printed repeatedly in preparation for a print run. Geddes’ collection is of commercial posters advertising movies, bands, clubs, festivals and even alcohol. Through the layers and layers of ink that have been applied, these commercial posters suddenly become interesting and even beautiful. This publication is wonderfully printed, using techniques such as offset, risograph and letterpress. There are only 250, so if you haven’t already snapped one up, it might be difficult.

Images copyright by respective publisher-  Viction:ary, AGDA and Stuart Geddes.

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