Design book reviews

Published:  August 28, 2011
Design book reviews

Reviews by Jack Mussett, Motherbird.

Type: Form and Function
Jason Tselentis
Rockport, $55
2011, 208 pages
Distributed by The Scribo Group

Type: Form & Function is a terrific book for the designer looking to learn more about typography. As the subhead suggests, it is ‘A Handbook on the Fundamentals of
Typography’. My favourite part of the book is the type timeline. This shows a collection of
iconic typefaces, scattered across a timeline, outlining to which art/design movement they
belong. The book covers the nitty gritty bits of type, but also shows how type has been put
into practice by referencing professional work. If you aren’t a type nerd yet, but want to
eventually become one… get this book first.

Logo Lounge 6
Catharine Fishel, Bill Gardner
Rockport, $65,
2011, 92 pages
Distributed by The Scribo Group

Logo Lounge 6 is another book jam-packed full of identities. It makes you wonder how
many logos are created each day for Rockport to have brought out a sixth book. There are
2000 logos per book, that’s 12,000 in the collection, and counting. Nevertheless, the
book is a handy reference. It is well-indexed and has a section dedicated to case studies,
which is perhaps the most useful section in the book, as it allows you to see the inner workings of an identity. If you have the other five books, you may as well add this one to the collection.

Cutting Edges
Robert Klanten, Hendrik Hellige, James Gallagher
Gestalten, $95,
2011, 224 pages
Distributed by Books@Manic

Cutting Edges goes back to basics by exploring hand-generated collage – something
that the modern day designer can often lose touch with when sitting at his/her
27-inch Mac. Every day we’re surrounded by computer generated imagery, airbrushed
advertisements and 3D animation. It is refreshing to see the possibilities of recycled
imagery given a new context and a new life. Cutting Edges displays a wonderful crosssection of contemporary collage, some of which is very humorous. It is well worth
keeping on the shelf for when you just need to get away from the screen.

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  1. Just wondering which bookstores you choose to shop at.

  2. Hi Fiona, these books were sent to us directly from the publishers, but should be available at all good book stores.

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