Designer Q&A: Bianca Chang

Published:  April 22, 2012
Designer Q&A: Bianca Chang

Each month desktop sits down with a local designer to find out a few of his/her favourite things. This month we spoke to Bianca Chang.

Where many of us have failed to master the simple paper engineering requirements of a paper airplane, Bianca Chang has excelled. Based in Sydney, she works alongside Mark Gowing during the day and hand-cuts the paper sculptures she is known for at night. Here’s what she had to say…

A/S/L? 24/female/Surry Hills, Sydney.

Last television series you obsessively watched? Downton Abbey.

Secret shame? I’ve travelled overseas quite a bit, but have never really seen Australia.

What was your last online purchase? A Fujifilm Instax 210 camera.

Poison of choice? Cloudy apple cider.

Fail proof recipe? Potato and corn fritters with bacon and sour cream.

What do you collect? Books and succulents.

Where’s the best place to get a meal in your neighbourhood? I just ate at Porteno, Surry Hills. Wood-fired pork, cheesy polenta and fried Brussels sprouts – win.

What was your first job? Chandler at a beeswax candle company in my hometown of Alstonville, NSW.

Can you make desktop a five-song playlist?
Peter Broderick – ‘Roscoe’ (Midlake cover)
Radiohead – ‘Separator’ (Four Tet remix)
Sam Amidon – ‘Relief’ (R Kelly cover)
Bill Callahan – ‘Too Many Birds’
Guerre – ‘Millennium Blues’ (Saltcreek Coyotes remix).

Best phone app? The basics are the best – phone, messages and mail.

Next holiday destination? Domestic: Tasmania; International: Japan.

Three things currently on your wish list? A vegetable garden, cotton rope, a couple of Willi Kunz books.

Tea or coffee? Tea – Irish Breakfast in the morning, Russian Caravan in the afternoon.

Pet hate? Bad taxi drivers.

Typeface of the moment? Whatever works – although Univers is always a good starting point.

What’s your motto? Be flexible. Stay open-minded to change.

What’s your morning regime? Depends on what I got up to on the eve of said morning.

Favourite Pantone colour? 3375C.

How do you get around? In order of frequency: walk, train, taxi.

Last book you read? Tender: Volume 1 by Nigel Slater. It’s a cookbook.

Design hero? Bruno Monguzzi.

Who was your last phone conversation with? My best buddy Nik. He lives in Brisbane, so we’re always catching up.

Bianca Chang

Thumbnail image and above: Jacob Ring

From desktop magazine.

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  1. Nathan

    Love her work, humbleness, and refusal to call herself a paper “engineer” – something which another Sydney based paper artist/sculpter arrogantly fails to respect.

  2. Good stuff! keep the great work up Ms. Chang!

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