Designer Q&A: Pat Mehbrei

Published:  October 18, 2012
Designer Q&A: Pat Mehbrei

Each month desktop sits down with a local designer to find out a few of his/her favourite things. This month we spoke to Pat Mehbrei, designer at Mash.

A/S/L? 27/male/Adelaide.

Last television series you obsessively watched? Game of Thrones.

Secret shame? I live in constant fear of being abducted by aliens. Even though I think that most abduction stories can be explained, the idea just freaks me out.

What was your last online purchase? I got a video guitar lesson on Lead Belly. I’m addicted to them at the moment.

Poison of choice? Dark ale.

Fail proof recipe? I can do a reasonable rogan josh.

Favourite brand of stationery? Staedtler.

What’s your motto? Keep your mind open, but not so open that your brain falls out.

Can you make desktop a five-song playlist?
Eternal Day 383 Henagar Union Sacred Harp Convention
The Two Sisters Alan Lomax with Peggy Seeger, Guy Carawan, John Cole and Sammy Stokes
The Maid Freed From the Gallows John Jacob Niles
St James Infirmary Josh White
Harry Was a Bad B****r Tex, Don and Charlie.

How do you get around? My bike.

Last book you read? The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris.

Three things currently on your wish list? A Beeton Tenor guitar, a warm summer day, world peace.

Gillard or Abbot? I find Abbot lacks substance and is slightly scary. So by default, I would have to go with Gillard.

Tea or coffee? Milo.

Typeface of the moment? Whenever I can get away with using Bodoni, I will.

What’s your morning regime? Wake up, sit in bed for what seems like a minute. Realise that it has actually been 20 minutes. Freak out. Ride to work.

What was your first job? Swimming instructor.

What do you collect? At the moment I have a thing for National resonator guitars. Can’t say I have a collection, but it seems to be heading that way.

Best phone app? I don’t have a smartphone, but I have Sudoku on my dying Nokia.

Next holiday destination? Not sure yet. But I’m starting to think I’d like to go see the Large Hadron Collider.

Design hero? Changes every day. Today it’s Bob Gill.

Who was your last phone conversation with? My girlfriend, trying to work out what to have for dinner.

Pat Mehbrei by Dom Roberts

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