Does that call for a Carlsberg?

Published:  April 8, 2011
Lee Barnsley

In the ever growing world of beer brands and independent labels, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand out. So, it’s natural larger brands go through a period of reinvention. The latest to do this is Danish beer label Carlsberg.

Gone is their probably the best lager/beer in the world tagline and in comes what they say is a tagline that is a rallying cry for people to step up, do the right thing, and reward yourself… ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’.

According to Carlsberg, In today’s dynamic age, when consumer behavior is shaped by free information, technology, travel and exciting career opportunities available at the swipe of a touchscreen, young, independent adults don’t wait for things to happen: they go out and make them happen. They are prepared to take risks, to explore and accept new opportunities and to be courageous in the way they live their lives.

To introduce the relaunch London-based agency Fold7 created two TVC’s based around monumental achievements, climbing Everest and the moon landing. But inevitably, they still have a little Carlsberg twist to them.

There’s also a nice little behind-the-scenes video showing what went into the making of those TVC’s…

The campaign is also supported by some nicely art directed print ads also from the Fold7 team using the same themes.

Carlsberg Spaceman - By Fluid7

Carlsberg Everest - By Fluid7

Carlsberg Einstein - by Fluid7

This new positioning has also been supported by new packaging, which plays very well to their premium credentials. It’s not a massive leap on from their last packaging but certainly delivers a much cleaner and more premium result.

There seems to be a current trend towards big drinks brands playing up the logo on the bottle and the label appearing smaller on the neck (as recently seen on the Schweppes cordial redesign).

Set to launch across 140 countries, this is an all out assault to increase sales, and in turn increase profit. Carlsberg even go as far as claiming that they expect to have doubled their profit by 2015. Exactly how much that equates to is anyone’s guess, but it’s a bold statement from a brand that features in such a diverse and multicultural marketplace.

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  1. Love the touch at the end of the spaceman ad where he can’t put the bottle in his mouth because of the helmet.

    Although you could see the gag a mile away coming down the track it was still really well done.

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