Eamo’s weekly top ten tips #3

Published:  May 29, 2012
Eamo’s weekly top ten tips #3

We’re now into the third week of Melbourne-based illustrator Eamo Donnelly’s tips. As a way to ‘give back’ Eamo is using his ten years of experience as a professional illustrator to dish out advice to those starting out in the industry (or those just looking for inspiration). If you missed his first 20 tips, you can read them here and here, or follow him on Twitter for the latest advice.

Tip #21
You don’t need to be advanced in Photoshop, I only use paint bucket, lasso, magic wand and airbrush. I have since Macpaint on Apple IIe 1987.

Tip #22
Promotional postcard mailers to art directors and creative directors still work in the digital age of 2012. I sent one to Rolling Stone USA four years ago and it worked. The call from Rolling Stone USA came last August. It’s all about planting the seed in people’s minds… be patient and that seed will grow. Rolling Stone USA was a dream of mine since I was 12. If you work hard, stay nice and believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Tip #23
If you get an art director that likes your style and ease, they move to a new rag and you will too. From Maxim to NewsWeek, lads mags to politics.

Tip #24
Don’t be afraid to quit your day job. But first build up a solid freelance client base and work flow so you won’t need to second guess it.

Tip #25
Have no money to spend marketing yourself? All u need is your link, post it around and let the web do the rest. Start here @ausinfront.

Tip #26
I studied graphic design because I had no idea what an illustrator was. The design skills that I learnt have played a big part in my work.

Tip #27
Here’s a list of Australian Designers and creatives that you must research. It’s imperative you learn our own design history… (see below)

Tip #28
Research Ken Cato. He’s not just agIdeas. He is Commbank, Australian Made, Qantas, Expo88, Channel 7 and that’s just Australia.

Tip #29
Alex Stitt. His book Autobiographics you must own. Read it cover two cover, twice, then everyday when you turn on your Mac, thank him.

Tip #30
Mimmo Cozzolino. Find a copy of Symbols of Australia in your library.

Thumbnail: Illustration by Eamo Donnelly – ‘The Hunt family court battle just got bigger’ The fight between Al Hill Jr. & Al Hill III could cost the oil clan half a billion dollars’ D Magazine USA. May 2010.

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