Faces of Yoyogi by Alia Leadabrand

Published:  July 15, 2011
Faces of Yoyogi by Alia Leadabrand

Perth-based artist Alia Leadabrand’s collection of portraiture is currently on show at Linton and Kay Contemporary Gallery. Titled, ‘Faces of Yoyogi’, this exhibition showcases the diversity and eclectic artistry within Japanese youth subculture.

Drawing from her experiences in the famous Harajuku district in Tokyo, Leadabrand’s portraiture captures the street style of Tokyo youth, with fashion costumes such as Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, Decora and Cosplayers. The weird and the beautiful are combined in her portraits, with often confronting results. However ‘Faces of Yoyogi’ is more than simply a collection of curiosities, or an objective exploration of a style subculture. At the heart of Leadabrand’s portrait collection is a desire to engage her audiences with an unfamiliar aesthetic and with faces that may disturb and frighten, drawing from her fascination with the supernatural.

Seeking to critically confront through her images, Leadabrand’s portraiture also highlights how this particular form of street style is not only drawn from obvious popular culture sources such as comics, graphic art and fashion, but also, from other artistic traditions. At times, the tone of her portraits is reminiscent of traditional Gothic paintings of the nineteenth century, which shared her fascination with the extreme and unfamiliar body. At others, the painted faces she captures are strikingly similar to the deeply psychological expressionist paintings of the early twentieth century, whose aesthetic hallmarks were likewise bold colours, confronting alien imagery and distorted figures. ‘Faces of Yoyogi’ is not only a vivid exploration of a contemporary subculture, but is also a fascinating reminder of street style’s links with established artistic traditions.

All Images Copyright Alia Leadabrand for Linton and Kay Contemporary Gallery.

‘Faces of Yoyogi’ is currently showing.

‘Faces of Yoyogi’ by Alia Leadabrand
7 – 21 July, 2011
Mon – Sat 9.30am to 5.00pm
Sun 11.00am to 4.00pm
Linton and Kay Contemporary Gallery
123 Hay Street
Subiaco, Perth
WA 6008

All Images Copyright Alia Leadabrand for Linton and Kay Contemporary Gallery.

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