Published:  March 1, 2010

An interesting viral campaign has found its was on to the internet, the source is still anonymous but by the looks of it it’s an experimental musician. The mystery artist has released a video about once a week, each with its own twisted sexual imagery and animal at the end.

The production values of the clips suggest someone with money – I think it might be Lady Gaga, The Knife or maybe even Bjork. I’m still not sure but I’m definitely interested!

Watch the videos for yourself and see if any artist comes to mind.

6 Responses

  1. adore_adore

    The eyes make me think that it’s Goldfrapp…

  2. Shirley

    Christina Aguilera!!!!!!!

  3. petar and caitlin

    people keep saying its Christina but i think its to arty for her. and the first single from goldfrapp “rocket” is already out and it doesn’t fit the look.
    i think its the knife

  4. VIC

    Maybe it’s a guy and they are doing the girl stuff to keep us guessing. Or could it be someone new that has just been signed to cause a bit of a buzz? If it’s Christina I will be sad :(

  5. rd

    I reckon it could be Ms Spears

  6. I also vote The Knife/Fever Ray

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