Kickstarter creative funding platform

Published:  May 4, 2011
Kickstarter creative funding platform

Kickstarter looks to give a leg up to your creative project – offering one of the vital elements that individuals or start up businesses often struggle to find the most – capital.

The funding platform presents a myriad of projects from all creative fields, including; music; film; art; technology; design and publishing, and exposes them to a worldwide audience. Admirers can choose to pledge any amount above one dollar US to their nominated project. Despite this investment, the project creators still retain full rights and ownership of the whole project – backers become like patrons, receiving certain products and experiences unique to the project depending on the dollar value they pledge. However, if a project receives less then 100% of its funding goal in the month long timeframe no money changes hands. Investors are not left out of pocket and creators are not expected to develop their projects without the adequate capital.

The beauty of Kickstarter is that it allows creatives to ‘test concepts without risk’. In fact, not getting the necessary funding could potentially save a designer from future heartbreak and lost finances as the site provides a firm indication of whether the project is likely to be marketable and successful in the real world. Comments and feedback from backers and other creatives can also prove invaluable and lead to scope and solutions that may not have been though of before.

A recent project that has been highly successful thanks to the Kickstarter platform is the Urban Garden Concept, Urbio. With over a week to go the pledges keep rolling in – at last check the project had over 630 backers that had pledged over 400% of the project’s $15,000 funding goal. This means the creators are now able to afford tooling costs for their products and can make the release of Urbio a reality.

Other successful projects on Kickstarter include the Titanium Bike Lock; GoPano Micro, the 360 degree iphone camera; and Coffee Joulies, stainless steel beans that regulate your coffee or tea temperature.

Image Copyright John Loughlin

Image Copyright Michael Rondinelli

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A project closer to home is People Collective’s Sauerkraut typeface project. With 11 days to go, the studio needs a further $6000 to reach its goal. Get pledging.

So, whether you’re looking to back the next big thing (thank-you strong Aussie dollar!) or hoping to get funding for your own creative project, Kickstarter gives you a glimpse inside the boardroom door.


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