Matthew Murcott – Foilmasters

Published:  January 6, 2013
Matthew Murcott – Foilmasters

Matthew Murcott from Foilmasters discusses working in the print industry, but also what he think the future holds for print.

I was a few years into the trade before the love of print embellishments took a grip. I realised that print can be quite bland before adding a finishing touch such as foil or embossing. At Foilmasters, we take a mediocre product and transform it into an eye-catching masterpiece. My father taught me the skills and opened my eyes to what can be achieved with a little patience and good practice.

A full sculptured emboss is a great example. This kind of finish can be a stand-alone image on a blank canvas, showing the complete craftsmanship of both the person who sculpted the die and also the tradesman that brought the image to life.

Many of us in the embellishment sector have tuned into the design industry, and kept designers up-to-date with our craft, ensuring there is an ongoing place in the market for product enhancement. The print sector is always evolving, but the ‘magpie’ consumer (lover of all things shiny) still responds to the appeal of quality, eye-catching products.

We need the designer to provide us with information, such as the type and weight of the stock, the process of the job or at what stage they would like to apply embossing or foiling. Quite often we receive queries of capabilities prior to printers beginning the print process from design to estimating. We encourage that questions be asked and are always happy to be involved in the product development stage to try and ensure smooth sailing right to the end.

When it comes to personal items such as wedding invitations, this is when you see the full appreciation of what we do. In most cases, we hear that the product is so much better than they could have ever imagined and that is genuinely pleasant feedback.

When it comes to the future, it’s not a case of being commercially challenged by digital competitors but more a case of seeing how we can enhance digitally printed products and re-educating the industry to show we can still provide amazing finishes. You never can tell with this industry; obviously digital will continue to make an impact in certain areas, but for embellishment we continue to shine. Clients still like to add some bling to their goods and consumers still gravitate to the premium looking products. Continuing the education of designers new and old and fighting to keep our procurement within our country will help ensure sustainability for the future.

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