Melbourne Design Market – July ’10

Published:  July 13, 2010
Melbourne Design Market – July ’10

Getting people warmed up for the State of Design Festival, which kicks off this weekend, the Winter edition of the Melbourne Design Market was held on Sunday. With the unusually clement weather for July enticing everyone out of hibernation, the Fed Square carpark was swarming with cool and bargain hunters alike, eager to get their hands on a piece of independent designer pie.

From Hobes shoes to Fat to Zakkaya, it was hard to choose what to take home and what to add to the ever-growing to-buy list. Highlights included Jellybean Bikes, Speakrbox and Truffaux, makers of fine panama hats.

Lisa Loxley, Creator of Lox+Savvy paper goods, god’s gift to stationery fetishists, had a stall at last year’s Design Market and thought it was so good she leapt at the chance to do it again this year. Hailing from Sydney, when she’s at home she gets involved with the Finders Keepers markets.

All Images Copyright Jill Pope

All Images Copyright Jill Pope

Despite having to be on your A-game to fight through the hordes, the Design Market is a nice one-stop shop where you can see some of your favourite and some of your now-favourite designers under the one (admittedly very low) roof. Organic coffee and paella really just sweeten the deal!

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  1. loulou

    i was there on sunday, some really inspirational and awesome products. i wish it were on more often. perhaps once a month..?

  2. cat

    Love the fluro gifttags! Lox+Savvy are great.

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