Melbourne RISE arts and music festival

Published:  May 17, 2010
Melbourne RISE arts and music festival

RISE stands for Refugees, Survivors & Ex-Detainees and this is their first multicultural festival and aspires to address issues of social isolation, identity and inequity by creating a safe place for young people and practicing social inclusion, trust, generosity and respect.

From African Gospel to Brazilian Capoeria, acts will include rap, funk reggae, hip hop amongst other musical styles.

  • Website:
  • Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010;
  • Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm;
  • Location: Federation Square (BMW Edge)

The event will be hosted by Aamer Rahman and Nazeem Hussain, the creators of the critically acclaimed standup comedy show FEAR OF A BROWN PLANET which was awarded the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Best Newcomer Award.


West Ridaz (Pictured above) Koolness, F2, Morris B and AD). Also known to have a very fertile underground hip hop and R&B scene, and being particular hot spots in Melbourne. Many of the West Ridaz underground acts focused more on lyrical technique than their more mainstream peers.


Child Solders – Dismas, also known as Child Solders, is a underground political hip hop artist from Melbourne, known for his politically charged and criticism of the Australian politics and media , with an active interest in the frustrations and concerns of the refugee community.


Patrick Marks – aka Pataphysics. Multi-instrumental crossover of styles and distinct sound so rich in character, Pataphysics is pushing the boundaries of contemporary music in Australasia. “Guerilla Hip Hop, covering topics from Biased Eurocentric history, International Colonialism, Border Protection, Systemic racism and Resistance. ”


Culture connect- a crew of musical nomads originally hailing from Darwin but now calling Melbourne home. Featuring 4 MC’s, Gamarang, Voodoo Dred, Mista Monk and Kojo with core muso’s Airi I on drums, and Bassman on synth and bass guitar, the band create original Roots Hip-Hop music with a unique Tropical flavour.

Images sourced from the Rise Website

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