Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011

Published:  October 31, 2011
Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011

“City authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from the graves and attacking the living…”

I’ve lost count, but I think this was the fourth Melbourne Zombie Shuffle I have photographed and, easily, it was the biggest.

The event had been planned for months and for some reason or another, I was getting a slew of media enquiries about the event from various outlets. Perchance they had seen my coverage of the event from prior years and assumed I was somewhat involved with the organisation of it all.

Regardless, these things are always a ton of fun and I had penciled in the date weeks and weeks ago.

There is nothing better than being there to photograph the mayhem and craziness that inevitable unfolds and today, the City of Melbourne was completely and utterly
overtaken by the walking dead.

“In the end of everything the dead will rise and sing! Fight ‘em ’til you can’t fight no more. The world is only blood – rage becomes your love. Fight ‘em ’til you can’t fight no more!”

Considering the weather took a turn for the worst, that still did not stop at least 2,000 undead leaving the sidewalks of this fair city drenched in blood, sweat and shrieking cries of zombified pain. It was relentless. A constant stream of zombified, costumed lunatics stumbling and bleeding all over piss-stenched streets of this fair city.

It was an incredible motley crew of every shape and size. Twisted and contorted faces. Blood curdling screams and an undying lust for brains, gore, mayhem and mirth pierced the Melbourne air.

The city had only recently been taken over by occupiers and professional protestors and the like, but today, it was all in the name of fun and levity. And fun was had by all… but do spare a thought for all the street cleaners who’ll be working bright and early tomorrow for the streets of this fair city have been splattered by blood akin to a slaughterhouse.

“‘Cause there’s no humanity when the dead come back to feed…”


You can view more photos from the 2011 Melbourne Zombie Shuffle at the Visceral Industry.

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