Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

Published:  May 3, 2010
Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

Wow! What an amazing turnout for this year’s annual Melbourne Zombie Shuffle! It was huge – with a veritable feast of zombies terrorising the streets of Melbourne with blood, gore and an insatiable lust for braaaaains!

Whilst it is a ton of fun seeing so many people dressed as the living dead, I think the real buzz is seeing the reactions of everyday people witness the mayhem before them! You can literally see the shock and amazement written on the faces of innocent bystanders who for the most part, are completely oblivious to the who, what, where and why.

For the uninitiated, a Zombie Shuffle or a Zombie Walk is an ‘organized’ public gathering of people donning zombie-garb. A set route is planned and pre-defined via an online medium – in this instance a Facebook group.

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2010

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2010

A couple of years ago, I donned the old warpaint myself and shuffled through the streets as a zombified Heath Ledger Joker zombie, but today, I decided to stay civil and attempt to document it all with my trusty camera.

I didn’t have too much time to shoot the event today (the weekly visit to the Queen Victoria Market was also on the agenda) so my plan of attack was to wait on the corner of Swanston & LaTrobe Streets and wait for the blood-spattered ghouls to arrive. I made it just in time as the first of the undead stumbled through just as I was getting my camera ready.

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2010

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2010

Before I could even change lenses, I had been enveloped by a horde of the undead. Relentless horror and zombified persons paraded in my general direction… it was utter mayhem of the absolute funnest kind! I had an absolute blast and if any of the thousands of smiling faces around me were any indication – so did the city of zombified Melbourne!

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2010

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2010




All photos by John Raptis

If you would like to view more from the weekend’s Zombiefest, head on over to the Visceral Industry.

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  1. I never heard about this before, but on Saturday I drove through the city and got stuck right in the middle. Amazing. Never seen anything like it before!

  2. Jules

    The zombie with the glasses is smokin hot. She makes me wanna be undead.

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