Packaging design from around the world

Published:  February 9, 2011
Lee Barnsley
Packaging design from around the world

Vino Fino Wine

California-based Belancio, who have been creating luxury packaging for a number of years now, have created this stunning contemporary packaging for luxury wine brand Vino Fino. The design includes a hand-crafted, dark mahogany wooden box, with a solid V attached to the surface. While this is clearly just a visual or concept (the angle of the logos on the visuals give it away, or they have Stevie Wonder as an art director?!), it still looks elegant and really achieves it’s luxury credentials through the use of wood and metal.




Mother’s Ruin Gin

This is an interesting self-initiated project by Daniel Brokstad. Mother’s Ruin takes its name from the roots of gin in England, where Mother’s Ruin was slang for gin. The design aims to place Mother’s Ruin as a high end experience for gin lovers. Now while this may look nice, the design is a bit at odds with itself. The top half of the bottle looks like it’s about to glow and should have appeared in the latest Tron movie, while the bottom half plays nicely to the gin bottle design codes that other brands do so well. I’m not sure it really hits the mark, but it certainly created a lot of conversation and debate around our office.




Marks & Spencer Tea

UK illustrator Stuart Kolakovic was commissioned by Marks & Spencer to produce a set of illustrations that could be used on the new packaging for its ‘Caffeine Free’ tea range. These designs really highlight the difference between supermarkets here in Australia and Europe. While Coles and Woolworths are producing bland ‘home brand’ packaging, companies in Europe are more forward thinking and quite regularly produce designs like this, that not only stand out, but really make a statement.






Sydney-based design studio The Saltmine recently unveiled its work for international iconic bitters brand Angostura. The Australian ready-to-drink range has been given a much needed facelift, with the new designs playing on the heritage and style of the original Angostura bottle that can be found in bars all over the world. Staying true to the original, these new designs adopt a very typographic treatment, and give the product more authenticity by showing the signature of Angostura creator Dr J.G.B Siegert.



Kraken 3D Rum

You may remember the original Kraken packaging from a while back. Well the team over at Stranger and Stranger have taken the label one step further by producing a 3D version. So if you’ve got a pair of 3D glasses close at hand, pop them on and feel the Kraken. Sadly unless you’re the kind of person who walks around every day wearing 3D glasses like the guy from Back To The Future, then it won’t really jump off the bottle shop shelf at you.


Doctor Indulgence

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been at that point in the afternoon, usually around 3 o’clock, when you start to crave some chocolate. Well UK-based design studio Brand Opus have created this fun packaging for UK label Doctor Indulgence. It plays nicely on the emergency chocolate fix aspect of chocolate, and has some great fun with the packaging, which includes chocolate pills and even chocolate plasters.




Seven Deadly Sins

Wine is always an interesting design project as you pretty much get to be as creative as possible, as wine makers are trying make their bottles stand out on shelf. A friend of mine admitted the other day that he chooses his wine not by region or taste, or grape variety. No, he chooses his for one reason… “The label looked good.” So these new bottles from Spanish design studio Sidecar should appeal to that market very well. The bottles play on the seven deadly sins, with each bottle being styled to each sin. No word on whether these will be available in Australia, but I’d love to get my hands on the set.










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  2. Carin

    Nice selection Lee! Love the chocolate.

  3. Great collection, really very attractive design. One shouldn’t have any doubt that impressive designs always allow the brand to shine through more than anything and will be long lasting in the mind of people. All packaging designs are really impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very lavishing, gorgeous packaging of coca cola ,chocolates ,and vodka beverages. Package design and development are often thought of as an integral part of the new product development process.

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