Peer Pressure: Apple Z Generation

Published:  September 23, 2010
Peer Pressure: Apple Z Generation

We want YOUR opinion for the Peer Pressure section of our November issue.

With the simple touch of the two key combination of ‘Apple’ and ‘Z’, any potential creative trial, test and thought can be gone forever. What we want to know is:

Are we too quick to dismiss/undo our work?

Simply answer below in the comments field or email us, and a selection of the answers will be published in print.

4 Responses

  1. I am more of a Crtl + Z kind of guy.

    I am one that is always undoing stuff as it doesn’t look right but on occasion I little accidents turn out to look good and sometimes get kept.

  2. faeryrach

    I quite often wish that there was a universal undo, you know for those moments you just really want to take back. But it’s the mistakes in life, the funny stories and the not so perfect creations that really make life rich!

  3. Dean Johnson

    Yes! Design is all about trail and error. Mistakes lead to solutions – fact. Design should be by iteration. Step and repeat instead of using Apple Z.

  4. Dog

    Forget Cmd-Z, I need at least 4GB of RAM’s worth of the History panel in Photoshop to revoke the damage I create.

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