Peer Pressure: Crossing the line

Published:  November 29, 2010
Peer Pressure: Crossing the line

We want YOUR opinion for the Peer Pressure section of our February issue.

Benetton ruffled some advertising feathers in its time and let’s not bring up Bill Henson. Advertising often walks a fine line between head turning and shuddering side glances, so in light of this we want to know; When was the last time a campaign crossed the line for you?

Simply answer below in the comments field or email us, and a selection of the answers will be published in print (100 words max).

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2 Responses

  1. Alice Goulter

    Pretty much any Sex and the City campaigns. Any characters who were deemed modern professionals over a decade ago have now become obnoxious, spoilt, cringe inducing middle aged rich Americans. Their
    most recent film sent them to Abu Dhabi where they show their true ignorance with culturally insensitive blunder after blunder. If these characters are deemed aspirational marketing tools, I want no part of it. Then to round it all off, we are bombarded with an array of SATC2 merchandise from false eyelashes to diamante encrusted pink laptops – are these items really what modern women want? Or has this empire created a mutant bogan enticing market niche for all things faux

  2. Alex Little

    I don’t know if recent election campaign ads have completely crossed the line but they defiantly lack a certain morality. Negative “mud slinging” style campaigns often ignore the issues completely and
    attack the opponents overall character. The Kevin O Lemon campaign is a perfect example as it attacked not only the then Prime Minister’s character but also mocked his physical appearance. This strategy is
    popular not because it is proven to offer an advantage over other methods but because it allows a party to promote itself as “the lesser of two evils” rather than the best candidate for the job.

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