Peer Pressure: Keeping Creative

Published:  October 11, 2010
Peer Pressure: Keeping Creative

We want YOUR opinion for the Peer Pressure section of our December/January issue.

With the silly season fast approaching and many studios closing up over the holiday period, how important is it to stay inspired outside of work and what do you do to keep the creative juices flowing?

Simply answer below in the comments field or email us, and a selection of the answers will be published in print (100 words max).

3 Responses

  1. DW

    During my time in the holiday season I get inspired by the things I miss when I’m cooped up in my office all day long… The beach, my family, SUNSHINE!, friends, the great great great outdoors. Once I’m back at the desk, all my fave websites are generally chocka-block full of the inspirational stuff I am addicted to when in front of a comp… I didn’t miss it – But its great :o )

  2. I find it easiest to get inspired when I am not forced to create for clients, so the silly season is good for me. The moment my brain switches off from “work”, I find I’m able to come up with some of my best pieces :)

  3. Without a bit of work/life balance, anyone would go mad. But with ‘time off’ being the best time to get your own personal projects completed, there really isn’t time to let the cobwebs collect.
    I use the time to add more products into my zazzle store, finish off writing another chapter of the ebook that I am working on, or just sit down with the latest D&AD book with a cup of coffee. (and constantly have ‘why didn’t I think of that’ running through my mind).

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