Peer Pressure: Pitch This!

Published:  May 5, 2010
Peer Pressure: Pitch This!

We want YOUR opinion for the Peer Pressure section of our July issue.

Here is the question:

Earlier this year, 20 Belgian creative agencies went on a virtual/ digital strike to protest the pitching process, which they felt was out of control and threatening their business. In comparison, how do you see the current pitching process working in Australia and how could it be changed for the better?

Simply answer below in the comments field or email us, and a selection of the answers will be published in print.

To find out more about the Belgian strike, check out a selection of articles here, here and here.

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4 Responses

  1. Pitching is such a voodoo subject. 90% of me says, no. I don’t want to spend a week or more designing five kick-ass logos only to be told ‘better luck next time’. It’s a waste of unpaid time. The ‘pitching’ process is similar to walking into a restaurant, asking the chef for their best dish, only to be dis-satified with the three day herbal infused peking duck presented, sending a message via the head waiter back to the kitchen to inform the chef that it wasn’t really what I was after and then leaving without paying. I don’t know anyone that would do that and don’t expect to be treated as such.
    Then there’s the remaining 10% that’s been approached by a client in a field that I’m busting to get into. It’s a door that’s slightly ajar and a prime opportunity to slam it all the way open. Do I spend the time and hope to reap the benefits or do I politely tell them that I’ve always wanted to be part of ‘that scene’ but there’s no chance that’s l’ll do it for free? Knowing that it might be the only chance I get? That 10% says yes.
    I don’t think we can ever make pitching disappear. If we follow our true passions we can be selective as to whom we accommodate and maybe that will help the outside world realise we are creative, not desperate.

  2. kindle

    and what about the growing amount of “crowdsourcing” sites, such as 99designs, which could be considered forums for free pitching? is this the future of the industry?

  3. Jo Spurling

    From my perspective, things like 99 Designs are a real concern for the industry. It’s like eBay for designers, but instead everyone misses out in the end – Clients on great, original design and designers on fair pay for hard work, plus there’s also the motivational aspect. I could go on about this forever….

  4. What makes free pitches so distasteful even more so is the prevalence of sites where a client puts up a brief and 1,000,001 wannabe’s submit a logo for consideration, and if you are just lucky enough your concept will be chosen and you might get paid $200.

    (99Designs as Jo and Kindle have pointed out)

    Faced with this it gets harder every day to educate clients as to the value add that design brings to business, and to communicate a design for business case strategy.

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