Printing techniques: wide format printing

Published:  July 29, 2011
Printing techniques: wide format printing

With the proliferation of information overload and constant connectivity, we have a diminished chance of clearly communicating the printed message.

Print faces significant challenges due to the online revolution making it more important for print to be tactile and engaging. Print should look good (designer) and feel good (printer), both equally important.

Wide format printing is used to produce large format posters amongst other things. I approached wide format from another angle: imagine if we could utilise the printing capabilities of a wide format in conjunction with small format digital printing?

Our wide format printing was initially with the Oce Colorwave; a unique machine able to print with wax-based toner pearls producing the finest of detail on uncoated stocks such as newsprint. The application? Large French folded look books with singer sewing. Next came the Roland twins our UV and ECO Solvent machines. These print CMYK + white + clear raised UV and metallic inks. If they print with these techniques, with the added benefit of printing on practically any stock or material, why not consider small format applications?

Merivale design studio's 'Ms G's' menu, printed CMYK on the Roland VersaUV on fabric, and then mounted

Power to the people
With creative imagination and the resources to apply these new methods the possibilities are limitless. The wide format printer can for example print on beautiful linen fabrics and buckram stocks. Print covers on one of these materials then use it for the front cover of a book or annual report. You don’t need to print large quantities of them, actually the smaller the run, the better. Singer sew the book on the spine, perfect bind or case bind. Make dust jacket covers to create an impressive coffee table book.

New wide format printing now allows you to print prototype packaging as these machines can also profile cut. Metallic printers can now produce short run print with a mix of metallic PMS colours. Think outside the square and how you can combine wide format to traditional format print for stunning, engaging results. View our blog or facebook page and you will see.

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