Retouching fashion advertising: ‘Desired Constellation’ by Daniel Noone

Published:  February 18, 2011
Retouching fashion advertising: ‘Desired Constellation’ by Daniel Noone
All Images Copyright Daniel Noone.

All Images Copyright Daniel Noone.


We’ve all seen those retouched images in advertising and fashion magazines. We’ve also seen how advertising appropriates art, utilising iconic images as part of the process of commercial production and re-production. In his debut solo exhibition, ‘Desired Constellation’, photographer Daniel Noone cleverly appropriates fashion advertising to produce art.

Noone describes how much of his fashion-based commercial work involves extensive retouching of images. The images that form ‘Desired Constellation’ are similarly heavily retouched, yet the original image of a particular piece is actually removed, with only the corrections remaining. His goal in creating such obviously distorted images is to highlight the destructive process of ‘retouching’ to our idea of the human body and individual identity. It’s a form of critique of fashion advertising, enacted through the media of photography and advanced retouching that is used to create such advertising in the first place.

Noone’s exhibition also forms an explicit dialogue between art and advertising that compels his audiences to consider how we consume and interpret images of the body that are presented to us in daily advertising. While advertising can offer innovative ways to approach contemporary art and design, Noone’s images remind us that art also has a function of highlighting how this is done.

‘Desired Constellation’ is now showing in Adelaide.



desired constellation
debut solo exhibition by daniel noone
@GANG 9/11 bailey st. adelaide.
feb 10 – mar 15
tues-sat 11am-5pm

All Images Copyright Daniel Noone.

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  1. Straatts

    Brave work from a photographer to watch. And a hell of a nice guy to boot! Well done Dan.

  2. Haha this is a pretty funny dig at the industry. I’m a creative retoucher by trade and can totally appreciate this.

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