Show us your package!

Published:  November 8, 2010
Lee Barnsley
Show us your package!

OK I’ll admit it…I love hanging around in Supermarkets and shops checking out new packaging and design. My partner however doesn’t share the same enthusiasm and can often be heard saying “can we just buy what we need and leave?!” Thankfully both her and you don’t have to spend hours doing the same, as here’s a selection of some of the more interesting packaging designs launched this week.

Mii by Gerrard International

Pearlfisher has created the branding for Mii, a make-up line from Gerrard International – the first own-brand make-up line from this leading consultancy and distributor for professional beauty salons and spas.


“Mii offers an exciting choice of everyday make-up essentials with a professional quality that is not directed solely by colour trends and fashion fads.

Appointed in 2009 on the strength of its beauty brand credentials, Pearlfisher was tasked with creating brand strategy, product segmentation, naming, tone of voice and the packaging design.


The brand essence revolves around the idea of ultimate individuality. The consumer is at the heart of the brand and the products work to enhance and define the individual beauty – the real ‘me’ – of those that use them. The brand name is an aural representation of the brand essence and looks unique and stylish when written.


To help simplify, stand out and educate in the cosmetic marketplace, the graphic design is led by copy & tone of voice with useful hints and tips on how best to use the Mii products to suit the individual. The colour scheme reflects the premium and professional quality of the brand.

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Penhaligon’s Christmas Gift Collection

This month sees the launch of the new Penhaligon’s Christmas gift collection. Designed by JKR, the gift boxes, which are based on the theme of anthropomorphic animals, deliver a bespoke gifting solution for the boutique perfumer.


Briefed with delivering eccentricity and decadence, the new collection creates a fantasy world in keeping with the brand’s charismatic charm. Each range tells a story, from an afternoon tea party through to music and discovery.




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KORA by Miranda Kerr

Australian Super Model, Miranda Kerr launches packaging design for her new skin care range.


Designed by Jane Abma, the project involved creating the name KORA, designing the logo and developing concepts for the rest of the branding and website. Although the product is organic skincare and would lend itself to natural and muted tones, we ended up going with an aqua to reflect the purity of the ingredients and to distinguish between it and competing brands.


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Paso Port

“Introducing the Paso Port girls, Ruby, Angelica, Violeta and Tawny. The owners of Paso Port Wine Company approached iii DESiGN with a pin-up girl vision for the look of their line of port wines.”


“Illustrator Ashley Kircher of the iii DESiGN team created each individual pin-up girl to represent each unique dessert wine. These award winning labels were recognized in the 2010 San Francisco International Wine Competition and are just the beginning of the Paso Port girls series. We can’t wait for you to meet the rest of them!”



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Saturday Night Live: The Board Game

Saturday Night Live launch their very own board game.


Designed by Commonwealth & CO, they say “Our goal was to capture the raw immediacy of SNL’s writing process and live performances, which we achieved through hand-drawn illustrations of legendary characters and catchphrases. The package also communicates the fun of playing the game itself, which combines trivia, improv, and quick-fire team play.”




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