Tate Hone – Avon Graphics

Published:  December 23, 2012
Tate Hone – Avon Graphics

Tate Hone from Avon Graphics reveals his favourite print finish, and discusses why print is here to stay.

With my family in printing, I spent time in printing factories from a young age. I’d earn pocket money during school holidays by cleaning machinery or filing away job bags. I always liked seeing what amazing treatments the machines could do to a sheet of paper in such a short amount of time.

My favourite print finish would have to be embossing. Using a nicely sculpted hand tooled die to apply an emboss to a nice uncoated stock is still something that I love. Embossing is the purest form of embellishment, only changing the shape of the stock that it’s applied to. There is still a lot of skill required to get a crisp deep emboss, which is not something that is going to change anytime soon.

Print will always have its place. Certain styles of print, such as packaging, for example, will never change. Cosmetics or food products will always need a printed carton. But there are changes occurring with the way print is being used in the digital age. Digital printing is becoming stronger and evolving all the time. Being aware of this in our part of the industry is very important. We have had to change the way we think when it comes to this style of work. How can we minimise set-up costs? Are there better materials that we can work with for digital printers? Digital print typically has a very quick turnaround time, so working nightshift is something else that we can offer. That said, Avon’s processes are new adaptations of older style techniques and there is still a huge amount of craft left in what we do.

We speak to designers on a daily basis. Looking at how our processes can be applied at the design stage of a project is a plus for both parties. Any problems that could usually occur on the press will be picked up. We also offer a testing service to ensure the client is happy with the finish prior to placing the final order. This could range from testing a foil colour on a certain stock, to testing a laser cut to make sure the substrate doesn’t scorch.

We often come across people from outside the industry who want to know where they can find a sample of a job that we’ve done. The ultimate outcome for Avon is to produce an embellished piece that people no longer consider disposable. If we can produce an embellished carton that is kept purely due to the look achieved, then I think that’s the pinnacle for all involved in production.

The future of print looks challenging and exciting in equal measure. We will always be updating our finishing techniques and helping push the envelope to keep up with the ever-changing world of print. If designers and printers continue to think differently, Avon will be there to help translate this onto paper.

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