Team Evil Goes Retro

Published:  April 21, 2010
Team Evil Goes Retro

If you thought you’d seen enough boutique publishers pulping trees to make free street magazines, think again. Team Evil, masters of bizarre pop culture, have recently produced what could be the start of another publishing revolution – the first issue of Cassette Tape Magazine. Housed in an analogue cassette tape cover and printed on matt-varnish paper, this bite-sized portion of popular culture is aimed at those of us with attention spans shorter than Paris Hilton’s average skirt and those wanting to wow their hipster friends at the next alleyway exhibition opening (don’t put up your hands; we all know who you are).


Inside the folded pages of this tiny magazine you’ll find a veritable Lost Ark of pop culture delights, such as Robot Sex in the ’70s; alpaca love (not the wrong kind); William Gibson’s total awesomeness; and an exposé on the horrible Macauley Culkin. All that in one cassette taped-sized magazine? You bet your new MacBook skin.


So how do you get your hands on one of these little sukkas? Simply log onto pony up $5 and BAM! instant street cred.


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  1. zpped

    what a clever idea. a great way to reuse all those thousands of casette tape containers we see in op-shops. is this a regular thing? will they chose a different obsolete ‘container’ each issue? nice!

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