Thumbs up for Experimenta Utopia Now

Published:  February 11, 2010
Brendan McKnight
Thumbs up for Experimenta Utopia Now

We have just come back from a preview of the Experimenta Utopia Now exhibition and we must say it is pretty impressive and well thought out. Utopia Now houses a fantastic selection of works by a whole range of new media artists from all across the globe. We were lucky enough to meet with a few of the talented artists involved, who were extremely excited and proud to be featured in this prestigious exhibition.

The theme Utopia Now has been dissected and pulled to pieces, with each artist interpreting the brief in unique and creative ways, leading to an exhibition that is broad in both subject matter and medium, critiquing the scope for happiness on earth as we know it.

From talking plants and interactive shadows to giant body scanners and mesmerising animation work, the exhibition is perfect for all ages and is great to have a bit of fun and a muck around in. Experimenta is Australia’s leading organisation dedicated to commissioning, exhibiting and promoting the most advanced media and technology based art.

Look out for an interview with curator Amy Barclay next week!

Experimenta Utopia Now runs until 14th March at the Arts Centre, BlackBox, Melbourne.







4 Responses

  1. JessicaL

    Looks great – i’m gonna check it out this weekend

  2. marty

    nice. is this coming to sydney?

  3. Danii

    I saw this on Sunday. The talking plants are pretty crazy!

  4. petar and caitlin

    looks like fun

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