Web Directions South

Published:  August 2, 2011
Web Directions South

Web Directions South 2011 conference is arriving in Sydney in October, bringing together leading independent experts from all over the world to share and discuss how the latest web trends and technologies are being used in their own projects (if you grab your ticket before the end of the week, you’ll save $100 $200).

If you haven’t been to Web Directions South before, the conference is all about a friendly environment where you can connect with your peers, professionally and socially. There’s a good chance you’ll leave inspired and enthused, and you might even learn a thing or two as well. But the best takeaway from an event like this is always the people you meet and the connections you make. I’ve made close friends and met future employers at previous events, so I can vouch for the value to be gained from the discussions in the hallway!

You’ll hear from the likes of former last.fm creative director Hannah Donovan, interaction design guru Stephen P. Anderson, content expert and author Relly Annett-Baker. You’ll see demos utilizing HTML5, CSS3, advances in JavaScript techniques and others platforms. And – the highlight for me – you’ll hear from designer, thinker and general all-round maker-of-awesomeness Cameron Adams. Check out the complete list of speakers to see how much has been packed into a two-day program.

Register for Web Directions South now – I hope to see you in the front row!

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  1. Actually, you’ll save $200 off the full price f you register this week!

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