YouTube Turns Five!

Published:  June 3, 2010
YouTube Turns Five!

It’s hard to believe that YouTube turned five last month. Despite being a copyright nightmare for owners Google who bought YouTube back in 2006 spending $1.65 billion to acquire the service, YouTube has pulled out all stops and celebrated and served more than 2 billion videos… per  day. To put that into perspective, that’s more viewing time than double the prime time audience of the three major U.S. broadcast networks. Not bad for a bunch of guys who started out trying to share a video amongst themselves.

To celebrate this momentous occasion YouTube CO founder Chad Hurley wrote on their blog “What started as a site for bedroom vloggers and viral videos has evolved into a global platform that supports HD and 3D, broadcasts entire sports seasons live to 200+ countries,”

YouTube has been responsible for launching the careers of pint sized pop starts, revealing to the world unrest in Iran, the birth of baby pandas, light sabre swinging teens, laughing babies and of course Susan Boyle…

To celebrate this milestone the team at YouTube have created a video, featuring the most popular videos of all time. Check it out here. There is also a channel dedicated to the anniversary here.

5 things you may not know about YouTube…

-All three founders were working at PayPal at the the time they created YouTube
-The domain YouTube was registered 14 Feb 2005
-The first ever video that was uploaded on Youtube is by Jawed Karim (one of YouTube founders) on April 23rd, 2005. It features Karim at the San Diego Zoo
-Most popular category for uploaded videos is ‘Music’ having around 20% YouTube video
-If YouTube was Hollywood, they would have enough material to release 60,000 new films every week.

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