An improved year

Published:  April 1, 2011
An improved year

The Australian economy continues to climb back from the global financial crisis (GFC) in a more robust and healthy condition than many other economies globally. This is illustrated by job advert numbers, which are reportedly running at a two-year high across all sectors of the economy, equally reflected in the creative sector.

At Become, we have seen our job vacancy numbers double in the last year, hitting pre GFC highs and offering a broad range of opportunities, including new roles that didn’t even exist 18 months ago, for everyone from seniors through to juniors across the creative spectrum.

The Australian creative market is enjoying a successful, rapidly expanding and growing market and is achieving a position of genuine competition with the traditional lead players of London and New York. This is reflected in terms of the international awards and recognition that Australian agencies are achieving consistently overseas, including being ranked sixth in the world this year at Cannes.

2011 platform for growth
This healthy backdrop provides an excellent platform for growth in 2011 and the signs in the creative job market are very encouraging. In addition to the increase in the number of vacancies, our business is also experiencing greater diversity and an increase in new roles predominantly connected to social media, mobile communications, emerging digital and technical roles.

This does, however, exacerbate the digital skill shortage currently being experienced globally, as people endeavour to keep up their skill base with the speed of technological change. Our advice is to make the most of any opportunities that expose you to new technologies and be constantly up-skilling yourself in your particular discipline, whether in your existing role or in a potential new one.

Another positive outcome resulting as a direct aftermath of the GFC is that the creative market generally is focusing more on long-term career opportunities as opposed to the short-term, rather transient nature of the market pre GFC. This is a particularly welcome development, as it not only demonstrates that agencies are committed to reinvestment in their businesses, but also indicates a confident and maturing market. This is a very positive attribute for future of the Australian creative industry.

Maximising the opportunity
The outlook for 2011 is very encouraging for the creative talent pool, which is experiencing an abundance of opportunity. To take advantage of this, we recommend differentiating yourself, exploring and exploiting your transferable skills, enhancing your technical skills and demonstrating a willingness to contribute and engage with a new company as a long-term career option, rather than as a ‘stepping stone’ move.

We believe that the combination of unique creative talent flourishing in Australia, coupled with an appetite to push boundaries and explore the emerging technological environment and social media communication channels to the limits, is providing the catalyst to elevate the Australian creative industry even further.

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