2014 Round Up: Hamburg’s I Like Birds

Published:  November 19, 2014

So far in our 2014 Round Ups we have check out what the year has looked like for Band, Spencer Harrison and Vince Frost. In our fourth in the series, we are looking beyond Australia’s borders towards Hamburg and into the I Like Birds studio, who have contributed to desktop magazine a couple of times in the past 12 months.

It is wonderful to see that this year, collage and prop arrangement has really taken off for the studio, and the visual sophistication of their work has only increased. Their styling and object compositions have traversed different mediums for a range of clients, but their work appears almost exclusively within traditional print media.

Let’s take a look at what 2014 was like for I like Birds:

Desktop Magazine

Back in our Design As Activity issue, we commissioned I Like Birds to write us an essay about how important ‘other’ activities are to them, and their overall creative influences. The studio were somewhat concerned with their ability to express themselves in English, so we decided it should be a visual essay instead.

“We illustrated things we like to do, other than design work, to switch off, and other extracurricular activities that inspire us.”

Missy Magazine

Earlier this year, I Like Birds were commissioned to create some sets for the shoots of jewellery by Maria Black, Bjorg, Verena Schreppel, Haute Kuki & Die Markise and Vibe Harslof. Their solution was to use collaged human parts (instead of a model’s human parts) as a way to illustrate a certain unisex, disembodied, indiscriminate style of jewellery.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung

Published in Munich, Süddeutsche Zeitung is the largest German national subscription daily newspaper. I like Birds completed a series of photographed installations to illustrate a variety of articles.

Kotoriven I-V

In April, I Like Birds was invited to take part in an exhibition in Japan. Taking a break from installation and photography, the studio created five graphic illustration poster artworks that were on display at the Claska Gallery, Tokyo.

Hohe Loft magazine

Local Hamburg publication Hohe Loft contacted the studio to illustrate its Miniatures column, in which the magazine explores a variety of philosophical topics.

Neon magazine

Throughout 2014, I Like Birds was busy with commissions from German magazine Neon — a client they have worked consistently with for 2 years. This included the article ‘Sparen’ (Saving Money) in the February issue “in this context, we created a number of different installations based on recycled objects”, and most recently, worked with fashion photographer Patrick Desbrosses on a photoshoot for camping gear.

“On the theme of ‘Outdoor Equipment’, we built a number of abstract landscape figures presenting the latest camping gear.”

Die Zeit Campus

Die Zeit (The Times) is a national German newspaper of high journalistic reputation. It’s bimonthly student publication, Die Zeit Campus, is another regular client of the I Like Birds studio. Playfully illustrating several articles throughout the year, as well as a recent cover.

See more details of their great work this year over at the I Like Birds website.

All images: I Like Birds

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