3 Deep’s new publication explores the depth of luxury

Published:  January 20, 2015

What is luxury? How do we define, understand, communicate and engage with it? As cultural and commercial agendas change, so do the values and characteristics of luxury and what it represents to an individual, a culture and even a civilisation.

Neue Luxury is a global discussion on luxury in the 21st Century. Owned and published by luxury branding and communications agency 3 Deep, — who have worked on indulgent projects for the likes of Madonna — the new publication across printed and digital platforms seeks to engage categories across arts, culture, fashion, beauty, business, architecture and design. Neue Luxury captures the perspectives, insights and dialogue from those redefining our engagement with luxury while celebrating those at the nexus of creativity, art and commerce.

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The inaugural issue set an Australian publishing benchmark
in 2013 and featured interviews with artisans, designers and brands including Broached Commissions, Orlebar Brown, Robert Knoke, Studiobird, Julia deVille, Materialbyproduct, Andrew Hazewinkel, Balletlab, chef Shannon Bennett, architect Callum Fraser and Associate Professor Karen Webster.

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