7 Questions with desktop: Hachem

Published:  October 5, 2015

7 Questions with desktop is a fortnightly series featuring the studios and designers who have been on our radar. We find out more about their personality, their tips and tricks of maintaining a design business as well as their quirks – all within seven questions.





The Hachem team believes in collaboration and collusion of ideas and has an enviable portfolio of clients and projects – including ADDO, a town planning program, with some of its courses aimed at designers and architects. The people at Hachem love their coffee, Wagyu beef and their Head of Branding has four legs.

We catch up with Hachem’s founder and director, Fady Hachem, who gives us the Hacham story.

Who is Fady Hachem and what’s the Hachem philosophy?

At Hachem we believe in taking risks and championing innovative thinking. We have a holistic approach to design, where strategies for branding, interiors and architecture are designed simultaneously, to interact and merge. We challenge our clients to tell their brand story through design excellence in every aspect of their company.

FIrGdX96NKo_ZvruNiBaodMxjwKrn5qRsNkhb38AFOo,fJindVQImmB0LCKePd7EQzkjaKwskqFPXGenAz0X9uc,PSzB_0ikM3ZNjkPo_5Qdsgyz7O33oMBed56o_noINXgGive us bit of backstory. How was Hachem conceived?

At first I wanted to be a painter, but decided on graphic design for career longevity. I studied a Bachelor of Graphic Design at RMIT and through this I was exposed to a range of design areas. When I graduated at 21, I convinced the owner of what is now Bond Bar that I could develop an interior concept and brand identity for the site’s $2-million overhaul.

I was hungry for experience and my ambition was fuelled by my gut instincts. From there I worked on projects from the redesign of Adelphi Hotel, to self-sufficient housing in the Middle Eastern desert. It has been and continues to be an exciting and humbling journey.

pM_c7JZfT2I6JJ9CFmnBXo1B1VR0AcMMR-FLSqc-EC8ADDO’s just gone live. Take us through the entire process – the concept, the tears, the triumphs

Because ADDO is a unique company – the first of its kind in the Town Planning industry, we really had to understand the market that we were talking to. The parent company Glossop Town Planning works with architects and lawyers so we felt the brand had to be authoritative yet innovative.

There was a layered approach to creating the brand, as it involved a lot more than just designing a logo. We helped them determine their brand identity and clarify their business objectives and their offering. We came up with the brand name – ADDO which is Latin for ‘to teach’ but it also had physical value; it has an educational meaning without being too stuffy.

The logo itself is clean, modern and not overly embellished. It’s simple, with Heraldic references and the golden mean ratio aspect, so it’s visually very pleasing. The website also reflects this clean yet authoritative characteristic.

The launch event was the pinnacle for us. There was a great response from the industry on the night to the new name, the logo and the website. Web analytics showed that interaction with the brand was high as soon as it launched.

LAg8QvVD7nfJ5s1OKXi-yhNhRhI54p2KzETtCTVNXAs,Jl9GfVPXbkhx0j5ve-byV59WzwBakgCvjIMsqGUO9RE,yQmqyOVxaB8RZnagUjxGE9LBwbksQnfX6_EtSZoZ1P4,vv04IsNIcuiFNf8dKYOd-hsEx5OzbjZW0UVqWAVd8nIBack to Hachem. What’s a typical day in the studio?

It starts with coffee for everyone. We have a light, bright studio with good tunes constantly pumping. My role is to guide the team creatively. I debrief each team member individually; everyone has a different skill set so I work with them one-to-one, that’s how we keep the productivity going. Then in the afternoon we have a team meeting. It is a very casual environment in some ways, we have a lot of laughs.

Your favourite city in terms of architecture and why?

Dubai as a city really pushes the boundaries architecturally, when I was working there eight years ago they were doing things that we’re only just starting to do here in Melbourne. The UAE are so advanced in their thinking, I often look to what’s happening over there as a source of inspiration.

We see some Pomeranians having some airtime on your website. Who are they and do they have specific roles in the studio? 

Haha, they’re the two directors. Sophie is the head of Architecture and tells Brendan what to do, while Nadia is the head of Branding and has Justin under her thumb. That’s how they roll… treats at every eureka moment.

wMKNEreC5quH5Cwt5MfuDOK9lLN-3z2UA1MhZ6RPe9IWhat’s next for Fady and for Hachem?

At the moment we’re working on the architecture and interiors for some high-end boutique apartments here in Melbourne, and a new design concept in yoga and spin studios, which we are excited to be revealing soon. On top of this we’re also in the middle of redesigning Baroq House. Overseas we’re working on the elaborate Dong River Arts Precinct in China, which has been an amazing project to develop.




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