7 Questions with desktop: The Company You Keep

Published:  August 21, 2015
Issac Teh

7 Questions with desktop is a fortnightly series featuring studios and designers that have submitted their work to our Project section.

You’ve seen the work, now it’s time to get inside the minds behind these creations.





A holistic communications consultancy, this design studio has truly carved a name for themselves with exceptional brand identity and razor-sharp art direction for some big names out there. Join us on our encounter with design studio, The Company You Keep.

Tell us what “The Company You Keep” is all about - what do you do?

We’re a Melbourne based design studio. We work mainly in branding and design to introduce people to brands, and brands to people, designing lots of things from books and signage to websites and more.  

Can you plug your best project/work so far and tell us why you guys did such an ace job with it? 

Our ongoing relationship with Broadsheet is really rewarding – we are just sending a cookbook for them to print. It was a challenge in both scale and logistics (2 books – totalling almost 600 pages and including 120 restaurants) but that has bred some really interesting results and opportunities. Taste testing the dishes was also not bad motivation either.


The studio has worked on many projects with online magazine Broadsheet.

What’s the creative process like when you guys get a new project? 

We take a studio wide approach to all our projects. We assign a lead designer to push each project forward, but everyone in the studio contributes to developing and refining ideas. Initially we send the client a briefing document, and when we receive their response we all sit down together and run through it to determine a return brief. Once the client approves the return brief, everyone then does some individual research, which we bring together and discuss as a group. The project lead then refines the best ideas and evolves them through a series of proofs. Collaborating with other passionate and talent folk is also something we really value and love to incorporate into our process wherever appropriate.


Collateral for Melbourne-based restaurant The Beaufort

Best way to destroy a creative block?

A walk down Smith Street or just mixing things up is the best way to snap out of a creative block we find.

How much coffee does it take to keep the studio alive? 

Lets just say we’re thankful to have a bevy of great cafes within a stones throw of the studio.

What do you think a studio in the industry now needs to posses in order to make their mark? 

The same thing a studio has always needed passion, enthusiasm and a good attitude.


Art direction for a range of Schweppes’ beverages

Can you tell us a little about what you guys are working on now or what’s next for the studio? 

We’re working on a lot of exciting and really diverse projects; branding for a local fashion label, packaging for a chocolate company, a video for an education company and rebranding some iconic Melbourne live music venues to name a few. We’re also launching our full website soon too, which has allowed us to collaborate with heaps of talented folk – including photographer Daniel Herrmann-Zoll, stylist Nat Turnbull and developers PDA. 


Projects featured on desktop:
Schweppes Signature Serve
The Beaufort
James Cameron Stationery
Bar Broadsheet
Clarke & Sons

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