7 Questions with desktop: Wildhen Design

Published:  August 10, 2015
Issac Teh

7 Questions with desktop is a fortnightly series featuring studios and designers that have submitted their work to our Project section.

You’ve seen the work, now it’s time to get inside the minds behind these creations.





Wildhen Design is a full-service creative studio located in Prahran, their work includes a strong suit of branding projects that demonstrate their ability to adapt to clients and industries. It also highlights the simple yet forward sensibilities they have with aesthetics. Here’s us living on the edge as we speak with Creative Director Luke Henley.

Joe's Bar + Kitchen

Branding on dishes for Joe’s Bar + Kitchen

Who is Wildhen and what is your design philosophy? 

Wildhen is a creative studio from Melbourne, established in 2014 by Luke Henley. We like to think we have a holistic approach to design whose focus is on brand experience and communication.

Just to establish the backstory, how did you guys get started? 

After studying Communication Design at uni, I went on to work for a few small studios in Melbourne. During that time I was taking on a bit of freelance work after hours. It got to a point where I was almost working two jobs and was forced to make a decision. Take the freelance jobs seriously, or commit to working for somebody else. I have always worked for awesome people, but I think deep down everyone wants to try something for themselves at some stage.

Branding for Digital Marketing Agency - Audience Lab

Branding for Digital Marketing Agency Audience Lab

Favourite project that you guys have worked on so far and how did you guys rock that gig?

To be honest they’ve all been pretty good so far. We’ve been lucky to work with some great people who have trusted us and given us creative freedom. Yoga 213, Combi and Fonda were some of our first clients that really allowed us to push their brand in every aspect of their business.

Branding for Combi Health Food Café.

Branding for Combi Health Food Café

Wildest thing that you guys have done together as a studio?

Play dubstep music… It gets pretty loose here sometimes.

What’s the creative process like when you guys get a new project/job?

Lots of chat, lots of research, followed by more chat.

Best way to overcome a creative block?

Watch an episode of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.

Branding for Fonda

Your website launched early this year, congratulations! What are you guys working on in the rest of the year that we can look forward to? 

Thanks! Took a while… Developing and growing the business is a big priority. In terms of actual work; we’ve got a cool interstate hospitality project starting up, which should be fun. There is a new Yoga 213 studio and Fonda always keeps us on our toes. We’ve also started to spend a bit more time working on our own projects this year, so hopefully we’ll have something exciting to share on that front soon!


Projects featured on desktop:
Botanical Pharmacy
Jose Bar Kitchen
A25 Pizzeria
Audience Lab


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