Breakout: the friendliest podcast of graphic design

Published:  August 22, 2014
Bonnie Abbott

Not long ago, Pete Adams and Tim Cruickshank would meet up regularly to discuss their jobs – both graphic designers, Pete works full-time and Tim freelances. They would talk about the industry and issues that effect them. They found that, in a casual way, they learnt a lot from these discussions – so they started recording them.

Breakout (a podcast made by kids) claims no industry affiliation, nor any expert standing. Instead, this new design podcast series’ strength and appeal comes from the fact that it is casual, friendly, inclusive and lo-fi. Tim and Pete are honest and their conversations are accessible. The unrefined sound and lack of snappy editing means a certain freedom for the listener – there are no expectations for you to listen to the end, yet the complete transparency of the whole idea draws you in.

“To us, it’s kind of like the Breakout room at uni,” Tim told us. “It’s a place for us to reflect on what we have learnt and decide for ourselves what the answers are.”

The duo are welcoming of comments and criticism, willing to continue to learn and refine the process to make it more useful to their audience. So far, the feedback has been supportive, but many are hesitant to come forward. “So far we have had great feedback, but not a whole heap,” Tim explains. “We are looking for more discussion on it, outside of the talks. We would love people to send in their thoughts on the topics we cover. That’s why we have started to announce the next design podcasts topic at the end, in an attempt to get people thinking about it and developing their own opinions.”

“We’re really happy to receive some critical feedback. We deliberately launched early and without revision so we could get feedback to work with.”

Another of the interesting qualities of Breakout is that its friendliness, together with its accessibility online and ‘open source’ adaptions, is that it potentially provides a community for rural designers.

“I hope it is. I hope it encourages people to communicate more. That’s half the point – if we discuss the things we are learning or thinking about, we start to figure out the real meaning behind them. We would be happy if all we accomplished was getting people to talk more.”

And how do they see it developing? “We hope to see it develop into more of an open discussion platform. We want to start inviting guests – people we can interview, and people to add opinions to the mix. We also have plans for a resources section on the site that will give students, graduates and professional designers some tools we know will help. Lastly we would like to see it help promote our national industry in some way.”

You can catch up on the last 3 episodes at

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