Cina Covers

Published:  September 13, 2012
Heath Killen
Cina Covers

Following on from our conversation yesterday Michael Cina shares five album covers that have had a profound impact on his work – particularly on his designs for Ghostly.

Traces of Cina’s love for these covers can be found throughout his work. The experimental typography of Blue Note & v23-era 4AD. The emotive imagery of ECM. The elegant minimalism of Peter Saville for Factory. Beyond these visual touchstones there are emotional and thematic links that are drawn upon too.

Feel free to contribute your own top five in the comments section.

Led Zeppelin - Presence (Hipgnosis)

This was the first album cover that had a huge impact on me. I remember looking at that object and wondering, what was it? As a child, there are a lot of things you don’t understand or know about, so you are more curious. I asked my parents what this was and they told me it was a made up object. That only made me more interested.

VA - Lonely is an Eyesore (Vaughan Oliver)

This was one of those albums that I bought in high school. I’ve always liked compilations because it opens you up to hearing mew bands, and as a fan of 4AD (Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, Clan of Xymox, etc) this album was a no brainer to get.

What I got out of this was discovering that there were people under the moniker 23 Envelope making these awesome covers. It was the first time where I made the connection that people may get paid for this kind of work. I also knew that I wanted to know more about 23 Envelope.

Pat Metheny - Rejoicing (Barbara Wojirsch)

If you record shop, you see ECM covers. They have such a distinctive, formal look to them – yet they’re all unique. ECM has been a huge inspiration to my work. Art and typography merged together… where else would this happen?

New Order - Power Corruption and Lies (Peter Saville)

Peter Saville’s work on a whole has been a frustrating one to work up against. He laid the path for me to travel down as a designer, but he also took a lot of the good stuff along the way with him. More often than not, I find myself having to push new work in different directions, because I realize that he did something similar to whatever I’m working on.

This piece contains a color alphabet that he created, which I found when I was searching for alternate writing systems. This perfectly demonstrates his genius of humility and subversion through art.

Various Covers by Reid Miles, Ronald Clyne, Mati Klarwein, Mark Farrow

It is hard to pick just 5. There are so many amazing people to point out. If you are interested, look these people up: Derek Riggs, Barney Bubbles, Mati Klarwein, Farrow Design, Andy Warhol, Rudolph De Harak, Reid Miles, Josef Albers, Tom Hingston, Ronald Clyne, Type Records, Ben Drury, tDR, Neville Brody, & Robert Flynn. They all designed album covers… and there are so many

If these designs are of interest, keep an eye on Cina’s blog The New Graphic

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  1. Well rounded for a ruthless top 5. Of course Peter Saville and Vaughan Oliver are no brainers – which reminded me of a conversation I had with one of Vaughan’s Kingston MA students, in how contemptuous he is of Saville (‘contemptuous’ sounds strong, but apparently he is also contemptuous on anyone who doesn’t like potatoes) and that Vaughan believes in emotional design – there’s no grid, no clever visuals, no decoding, just placing elements where they feel right, experimenting until a level of texture is evocative enough. Perfect for a teenage audience (like me), and a link through to your post with Cina yesterday, on the crossovers within art and design in music packaging…

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