Commission consultancy show a slick collection of branding work

Published:  October 29, 2014

London based design and branding consultancy Commission have kept relatively quiet until now, unveiling a new site with a collection of recent projects. Their work spans traditional branding and identity design, as well as online retail, art direction and publishing.  Keeping their clients close to home, the studio is very much involved with brands and bodies operating in Europe and the UK.


It’s Nice That Annual 2013

A publishing platform I’m sure you’re all aware of; It’s Nice That champion creativity across the realms of art and design. Based in London, each year they publish an annual as a sort of “creative almanac” that looks at the best features shared on their website. To celebrate the “eclectic content,” the studio created an interpretive and “democratic design approach free of grids and constraints, where layout was created by eye and instinct.” A collaborative effort with illustrator Jiro Bevis, hand-drawn characters provide a visual representation of the It’s Nice That Team, “carefully selecting and highlighting work to bring to the reader’s attention along their journey through the book.”

INT-Annual-1 INT-Annual-12 INT-Annual-6 INT-Annual-2

L’ArcoBaleno identity

Translated from Italian as ‘The Rainbow’, the online emporium hosts a design collection curated by creative director, Ambra Medda, alongside a magazine-style editorial section. The studio were asked to “readdress the company’s branding to better reflect both aspects of the brand”, in an effort to bring them closer together. “The simple arc of a rainbow was our starting point and inspiration for the brand,” a symbol that acts to unify the worlds of “design culture and commerce.” The visual metaphor is incorporated graphically across branded collateral, from correspondence cards to shipping stencils — “it becomes a ‘bridge’ for the house of L’ArcoBaleno,“ as an “overarching marque of curatorship and ownership.”

LAB-Invites1 LAB-Aftersales LAB-Web-2 LAB-News

Several identity

A menswear label, design consultancy and e-commerce store, Several encompasses exactly that — several different, but not entirely unrelated, ventures under one roof. The brand is represented by a semicolon, simply communicating the idea of “several distinct items that are a part of a collective.” This element forms the basis of the logo mark, the Several Sun. A style that is “stark, but restrained,” the brand relies on the quality of material and technique behind each product. Business cards are finished with black foil and garment tags are hand dipped in black ink, marking the unique craftsmanship.

Several-Tags-1 Several-Website-2 Several-News1 Sev-Co-ex-Sack

Music from Memory

A record label from Amsterdam that gives overlooked music “a second chance,” the studio created a logo that would imitate the idea of a broken or disconnected circuit. Placed centrally on abstract photographic imagery, the aim was to highlight “the importance of [the label’s] curatorial talents,” as it becomes “a seal of approval and quality.”

MFM-Long MFM-Sleeves-2

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